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King Monada is still going strong in 2019

King Monada


King Monada is still going strong in 2019

Khutso Steven Kgatle

King Monada who is very popular in Limpopo.

His most recent hit, Ska Bhora Moreki, has driven him into another level of superstars who have become partygoers’ favorite and also a crowd puller at shows.

Khutso Steven Kgatle is 23 years old, born in Mokgoloboto rural areas in Tzaneen, Limpopo, and quit high school in Standard 6 after an argument with one of the teachers.

Monada had already decided that he would certainly pursue music after dropping out. He was already in too deep with music, thanks to his uncles who were part of a band playing the guitar as well as drums.

Khutso statement: “I looked at my uncles’ play, as a result, I immediately started to teach myself to play the instruments too. Eventually, their group collapsed because the member must find jobs, but I continued to play.”

When Khutso Kgatle was still a teen, he made a friend with a fellow villager called Peter Ramaselela in 2005. moreover, he generously gave him a computer to make music.

This gave him the opportunity to get bookings. As he quickly gained fame which got him playing at weddings, pubs around the local area of Mokgolobotho.

His authenticity in music made him a tale that will be taught for many years. because Steven’s music resonated well with the audience in Mokgolobotho and its surroundings.

He met with the founder of Open Mic records Molao Rammala in 2015. Molao persuaded him to record his songs and one of the products was his hit single Monna Waka.

Not so long he released a single called Ska Bhora Moreki which formed part of his album Molamo. The album is full of catchy songs which translate well with the fans. To name a few according to popularity, Di Dannu and Ke Ya Bolecha can’t be left behind.

King Monada sings his local music (Bolo House) in Khelobedu mixed with a touch of Pedi. His decision to sing in his native language was inspired by the late Peter Teanet and Bojo Mujo. He also mentioned that his daily experiences of life help him to write music that connects with people.

Khutso Steven Kgatle is the dad of 2 young boys. As young a he currently is, he performed at the DStv iRock show also at Botswana, Not forgetting university of Venda in Limpopo.

“It delights me to see fans on their feet when I jump on stage indeed. It’s a recognition that I’m an authentic South African musician. I’m quickly becoming a great nationwide celebrity and not just a local artist anymore,” he states.

He was excited that he will be performing in Durban in 2018. It’s exciting for him because it will be his first time flying in an aero plane and walking the beach of Durban.

In 2018 he became a sensation in the whole Africa for releasing his all-time his song Malwedhe. The song opened locked doors for Steven Kgatle. King Monada later nominated for HiPipo music awards and won in two categories which are international awards Africa Song of The Year and Best Song from Southern Africa.

Now in 2019, he released a new hit called Bomme. The song is also gaining momentum on social media platforms. On the song he thanks his mother for giving him his talent.

Which King Monada songs do you like in 2019. Leave us a comment below

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