Nadia Nakai Biography

Nadia Nakai is a Zimbabwean mother and a South African father. She changed her name to Nadia adopting to her mother’s name. She’s a Zimbabwean Rapper, singer and a song Writer

Nadia Nakai Profile Summary

1.1Real Name
1.3Date of birth
1.4Place of Birth
1.5 Boyfriend
1.7 Songs
1.9 Education

Nadia Nakai biography profile summary

Real Name        : Nadia Kandava Nakai
Gender              : Female
Date of birth     :18 May 1990
Place of birth    :South Africa
Education         :Marketing, Communication and Media
Age                   :30 years
Ethnicity           :Black
Nationality       :South African
Occupation      :Rapper, Song Writer
Label                :Family Tree, Def Jam Recordings
Instagram        : Bragga@nadianakai
Net-worth        :R$800 000

Nadia Nakai Age

Nadia Nakai is 30 years old turning 31 on the 18 May 2021

Nadia Nakai date of birth

She was born on the 18th of May1990

Nadia Nakai Place of birth

Nadia Nakai was born in South Africa

Nadia Nakai’s boyfriend

Nadia’s mostly linked to Major League’s Bandile Mbere. The couple confirmed that they were dating since 2018.

Nadia Nakai Genre

Hip pop

Nadia Nakai Songs

1 Amantombazane
2 40 Bars
3 More drugs
4 Naa meeean
5 Kreatures
6 Amai
7 Money calling
8 Money Back
9 Practice
10 The Man
11Rap bitches
12 Yass bitch
13 Darkness Defined
14 Africa
15 Trappy

Nadia Nakai awards

Best Female Artists in South Africa
Album of the Year
Best Artist Duo or group in African Hip pop
Hustler of the year

Nadia Nakai Education


Nadia Nakai Net-worth

Nadia Nakai is said to be worth approximately $800 000





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