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Relax, Bitcoin is still going strong -Bitcoin news



Relax, Bitcoin is still going strong -Bitcoin news

Bitcoin owners need to relax a little, following China rejecting ICOs.

Bitcoin took a serious hit few days ago after Bitcoin news China, which created a panic among
Bitcoin traders and owners

Governments are afraid that Bitcoin will overthrow their financial system. I mean millionaires are made everyday. They have now come up with an excuse that Bitcoin is being used by criminals to fund their agenda.

Little do we know the true agenda they have behind our backs. Governments are aware that the days of fiat currency are numbered. Ethereum is truly going to throw away central banks very soon. Ethereum is now the the future.

Apparently Ether’s ethereum technology will eventually revolutionize smart contracts and get rid of banks, lawyers and other fraudsters who are currently running the fiat currency.

China declared ICOs to be illegal, and demanding all those projects that raised funds to bring back the all money raised. This news have shaken the markets and dropped the price of Bitcoin by 20%.

However this was just a temporary setup which has nothing on Bitcoin. Most people believe that china’s move was about preserving social order.

The corrupt global industrial-political system is definitely corrupt, no questions about it. But its obvious that crypto revolutionaries can’t be defeated.

Bitcoin News : Bitcoin Will Rise- It’s Unstoppable

The rise of cryptocurrencies will signal the new world order, taking back control from the few greedy. And they don’t want ICOs to succeed because it cuts vampire squid out of the action.

There’s $139 billion in crypto right now, that’s money they want for themselves.They wish they discovered Bitcoin first.

Be Careful , Nigerians are using Bitcoin ICOs for their quick rich schemes, promising riches in a short time, taking your money before they deliver results.

Bitcoin was down 15 percent in the last two days. Ethereum also dropped 20 percent in a day, IOTA and NEO are down more than 30 percent in the past 24 hours.

Let them fall ,no need to panic. Another 30 percent, another 50 percent. Let it go all the way to the bottom, we’ll just buy up more.The more they drop the more we will buy again and again.

Forget about the formalities and different business models. That’s ancient history. Money is still gonna be made. Let’s trade peacefully. The world order financial system is going down.

Just Relax.

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