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The Double Trouble Nyatsi


The Double Trouble Nyatsi

Nyatsi The Double Trouble [ Bolo House 2019]

The Double Trouble Nyatsi has been released after the fans have waiting for new songs from Janisto and CK. Nyatsi song by the double trouble has been welcomed with both hands.

The Double Trouble 2019 Songs

Nyatsi delivers a painful message of abuse to the people in a positive way. It pains the painful situation of physical abuse that many people experience.

The Double Trouble songs 2019

In many cases people to out to look for a side dish because their situation at home, especially if the abuse is against men.

Many fans can relate to this songs in many ways and the double trouble are laying down this challenge in style. No wonder they called them the double trouble, Janisto and Ck are bringing the troubles of live in style indeed.


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