Uzalo Teaser: Is Zekhethelo Detective Mpabani’s Daughter? Secrets are out

 Uzalo Teaser: Is Zekhethelo Detective Mpabani’s Daughter? Secrets are out

Who is Detective Yamkela’s Daughter?

Detective Mpabani real name Jet Novuka, recently joined Uzalo cast and already he is shaking up things at the police station, this is evidence by the detective Mondli’s behavior towards him, it is clear that he truly dislike him. The writer of Uzalo introduced Mpabani to the KwaMashu police department to shake things up because they were failing to do their job well in solving cases’. Though his ulterior motive for moving to KwaMashu was to make the lives of all criminals a nightmare, he hasn’t solved the murder cases of the mother and son duo; Nomcebo and Kehla yet.

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According to Uzalo teasers, Detective Yamkela has a bad history, it is said that he was a ladies man and also on the wrong side of the law, he fathered a daughter in Kwamashu but then he disappeared into thin air the moment she was born as he was not man enough to take responsibilities as a father. When he heard that the KwaMashu police department was looking for a detective, he did not hesitate to apply for the advertised post because of guilty conscious and he wanted to make a difference in the community and most importantly to find his daughter.

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The detective hired a private investigator to assist in finding his daughter, unfortunately, the PI passed on and he told the detective that his daughter used to be a police officer, her mother also passed on, she is not married, she is  in her twenties, no children and she has no information about his real dad

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The only two female actors who fit the descriptions are Noxolo Mathula who plays Lilly and Nyalleng Thibedi who plays Zekhethelo.

Zekhethelo was raised by Nkunzi but we all know that he is not her real father, she was a police officer up until she quit because of the pressure from Nkunzi and  we are told her mother passed away

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 While Lilly lives with her aunt and has two other siblings on the show, she’s nothing like her siblings. Lilly has always been the smartest and SHE has always done things by the book unlikeE her brother who’s involved in crime and her sister who’s married to a criminal. Let’s not forget her sister, Nonka almost failed matric last year.

 So Who is Detective Mpabani’s Daughter….only time will tell us who his daughter is between Zekhethelo and Lilly.

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